Tips for Student Pilots | Aviation Education | CFI Chris Palmer: Episode 18

Thanks for joining us again for the Fly Maui podcast! Whether you’re someone considering flight training, a current student pilot, or considering becoming a CFI down the road, this episode is for you. Today we welcome Chris Palmer to the show. Chris is not only a CFI, but someone we like to call an aviation educator. He’s also the host of the AviatorCast podcast and creates amazing video content on the Angle of Attack YouTube channel. On this episode you’ll hear his aviation story, why having a mentor is important, what he likes to see in a student pilot, and how to connect with a good instructor. You’ll also learn how to participate & benefit from the Aviator Training ground school if you’re preparing for the FAA private, instrument, commercial, or CFI knowledge exams.




Connect with Chris!

Instagram: @angleofattack

Podcast: AviatorCast

Facebook: @angleofattack

Twitter: @flyAoAmedia

YouTube: Angle of Attack

AviatorCast Episode 103: Finding, Picking & Keeping a Flight Instructor:

If you want to learn more about the ground school that Chris teaches, check out If you’re considering an online ground school for private, instrument, commercial or CFI training – we highly recommend Aviator Training. The live, private pilot ground school class is happening soon… but you can subscribe now for access to all of the lessons & get a notification when the class goes live. As we’ve mentioned, we just completed the instrument ground school at The class exceeded our expectation in laying the groundwork to prepare us for taking the instrument knowledge exam. A big mahalo to Chris and Aviator Training for being an encouragement and sponsor of the Fly Maui podcast.

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